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AV and Beyond offers solutions for any production landscape and ensure we will deliver your vision with creativity, skill and safety. With our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, AV And Beyond offers expert technical guidance and support in the planning and the carrying out of your event.

WHAT WE DO: About Us


Full start to finish event creation:

  • Concept

  • Production

  • Venue Booking

  • Design

  • Event Platform (Live, Hybrid, Streamed)

  • Registration & RSVP Management

  • Event Management

  • Décor

  • Hospitality

  • Technical

  • Speakers 

  • Scripting

  • Entertainment

  • Photography & Videography

  • JOC and all H & S

Virtual Productions.png


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed live events. Our mission of leveraging technology to connect clients and their audiences remains as relevant as ever, by providing the safest production environments for the productions of all pre-recorded or live video content. We offer end-to-end solutions.

Our AVB live streaming solutions are engaging and immerse you in  whatever format, content or scale. We never stopped developing and adapting our business to suit all new ways of working

AVB offers solutions for the new production landscape that deliver your vision with impact and safety:

  • Live Streaming

  • Drive-In Experiences

  • Hybrid Experiences

  • Virtual Production

  • At-Home

  • Live-Streaming Kits

AVB in-house Digital Studios

Johannesburg: AVB Studios

Johannesburg: Vodacom Studios

Cape Town: AVB Studios

Mauritius: AVB Studios

At You



We deliver relevance and value across the contemporary TV/Film landscape with the most advanced livestream and broadcast offerings available today.

Our video production team of engineers, backed by the highest quality inventory of cameras, lenses and accessories. Together with our dedicated prep facilities and production services in lighting, audio, rigging, and scenic, as well as future-shaping solutions and proprietary technology.

  • In-house pre production and post production services

  • Strategy, conceptualisation & direction

  • Corporate & commercial in-house sound recording & final mix

  • Copywriting, concept creation & direction

  • MultiCam support & filming

  • Live feed & vision mixing

  • Onsite editing

  • Post production content packaging

  • Live streaming

Sound design new.png


Our professional recording and post production facility situated at our AVB offices in Johannesburg, South Africa. Specialises in content creation in a wide range of multimedia fields for corporate events and television including:

  • Music Production

  • Music Direction

  • Musical Arrangements

  • Voice-Over Artist and Recording

  • Jingle Audio Mnemonic Production

  • Recording and Final Mixing

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Having navigated the pandemic, our sister company Tailormade Group offers production solutions for fully virtual, hybrid as well as live state-of-the-art entertainment from this high calibre, agile group of individuals with over 14 years of experience in the industry.

Specialising in professional:

  • Bespoke Productions

  • Creative Direction

  • Choreography

  • Stage Management

  • Artist Bookings and Liaison

  • Costume Design, Hiring and Manufacturing

Success in these areas both pre and post Covid has not only allowed the team to set new benchmarks in generating exceptional corporate productions/entertainment but has resulted in a well-earned reputation. Due to our dedication to working tirelessly, while striving to inspire our clients, audiences and affiliates in the entertainment industry, you can expect nothing but the absolute best work ethic as well as individuals that soars to great heights.

WHAT WE DO: Services
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